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30 augusti

Bloggintervju – Jokūbas Beniušis


Karin Nemback

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Jokūbas Beniušis- Arbetsledare hos vår UE Litana. Nybliven pappa till tvillingar. Huvudet på skaft och alltid trevlig.
(Litana blev klara med sitt uppdrag här hos oss innan semestern och har nu gett sig iväg för nya äventyr.)


  1. Name: Jokūbas Beniušis
  2. Titel: Project manager
  3. Age: 29
  4. Employed at: Litana ir KO
  5. For how long have you been with your company? 3years
  6. The best thing about the business? It is never the same. Each country, each project, each house– they all have their own take on the construction process (technologies), you must always learn something new, adopt to situation and perform the best possible way. It is never boring, since constant self-improvement does not let you “stand in place”.
  7. Strongest work-memory? Kalmar Hus1 and Hus2 project? -> the fact that we managed to finish in time, even having strugles with design in begining. Personally -> working in ESS project, and giving my input in to creating something, that might change a world towars being a better place to live in.